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Holiday travel parks have long been popular destinations for families and tourists to visit, but they have also attracted the attention of drug cartels who have been trying to crack down on the industry.

The newly opened holiday travel agency “Lola” will be located at the site of the former “El Lázaro” theme park, the former site of a popular drug trafficking and entertainment complex, the Associated Press reports.

The park, which is already home to several other attractions including a cinema and a restaurant, will open next year and will include a “dynamic and interactive environment,” according to its website.

The company plans to open its “Lolita” theme resort in Mexico, which will include several hotels and restaurants, according to a news release.

“We will bring the same quality of service, culture and entertainment experience that guests have come to expect from Lola, with a unique focus on hospitality, safety and social and cultural aspects,” the statement reads.

The hotel will offer a “family-friendly” hotel with a restaurant as well as “dining and entertainment facilities,” according the release.

The resort will open on May 30, 2019, according the AP.

The agency will operate the theme park and resort “as part of a joint venture with the Mexican government, with the aim of developing an entirely new tourism destination,” according its website, which also lists other attractions such as “the world’s tallest mountain, the world’s largest amusement park, an amusement park in the desert, an attraction that brings back memories from the 1930s, a new movie theater and an outdoor amusement park,” among others.

“LOLita” will include two hotels, a hotel and restaurants.

A statement from the Mexican tourism ministry also noted that the resort will be the first to open a theme park in Mexico.

“The Lola project is the latest of many initiatives to promote tourism in Mexico,” it said.

The new Lola will be part of the country’s efforts to develop tourism in an “innovative and efficient way.”