Trip Holidays

Royal holidays in the United Kingdom can be celebrated with all sorts of food, from hearty traditional Christmas dishes like biscuits to fresh and flavorful new recipes that can be enjoyed on the go.

Here are some of the best holiday meals that have become staples at your favorite restaurants and cafes around the country.


Grilled Chicken with Creamy Onion & Parmesan Cheese Recipe | Brisket & Barbecue A few days before Christmas, you’ll likely be serving up a few side dishes to get you through the festive season.

But don’t forget to add some of your favorite meats, cheeses, and desserts to your grilling menu.

This grilled chicken dish with creamy onions & Parmesean cheese is a hearty and satisfying dish to serve.


Thanksgiving Roasted Turkey & Chicken with Sweet & Sour Sauce Recipe | Thanksgiving Roasting Turkey With Sweet & Tart Salsa A turkey breast that has been roasted in the oven for several hours will be tender and juicy.

But there’s no doubt that turkey cooked on Thanksgiving night will taste even better.

To top it all off, this turkey recipe is easy and comes together in under 30 minutes.


Turkey Breast & Turkey Sandwich Recipe | Roasted Tuna With Turkey & Sweet & Spicy Sauce Ingredients: 1/2 lb. turkey breast, skinless, boneless, and cut into bite-size pieces (about 1/3 pound)

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