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Aussie barbie sales are up again this month with Christmas sales surging again this year and New Year’s Day barbie sale down almost a third.

Christmas barbie prices have dropped by nearly two-thirds this year, but this year sales are still up and the prices are still a bit below the average.

Christmas prices are also up slightly from last year, with the average price up nearly five-fold from $18.40 in 2016 to $28.80 this year.

In 2016, the average barbie price was $24.90 and the average New Year sale was $29.90.

The average Christmas sale price was about $23.40, while the average sale price for New Year was about half that amount.

However, prices for barbies and barbs this year are still more expensive than the average Australian consumer.

The Christmas Barbie Sales Association said the barbie craze was starting to fade from the market and it was starting a process of moving away from barbies.

“We’ve been talking to people that say they’re not happy about their barbies, so the barbies have to get more sophisticated and we’re seeing a shift away from the Christmas-themed ones that are in fashion,” said CEO and founder Lauren Holiday.

“I think it’s a bit like the advent of technology.

People are using different devices, so they don’t have the same functionality as they used to, so it’s really important to have a barbie that is functional and that is wearable.”

Holiday said barbies were becoming more fashionable and they were getting more popular as a fashion accessory.

“The trend is not necessarily to go shopping in the market, it’s about using a barie and a barber, and I think that’s why the trend is starting to wear off,” Holiday said.

“For the past year or so we’ve been having a very high level of interest in barbies being worn by the public.”

Ms Holiday said people wanted a bar that was more wearable, but they also wanted a product that was practical.

“You’re getting barbies that are a bit more fashionable, a bit less bulky and they’re also getting a little bit more practical,” Holiday told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“People are really excited about them, and we see more people going out in the street and they have to put their hand over their mouth because it’s getting hot outside and they want something to cool them down.”

The Christmas barbie industry is expected to be worth about $1 billion by the end of 2020, with most of that coming from the UK and China.


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