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Dressing up a little girl for her birthday is a great idea!

This post is for girls in grades K-8, but can also be applied to girls ages 7-12. 

You can start with a fun dress that’s light and cute. 

It will be an easy and fun way to get started and will add a little sparkle to the day. 

When it comes to colors, the more colorful the better!

Make sure your girl wears a color that matches her favorite colors. 

For example, pink, red, blue, and green are all great options for her to wear, and she might even like purple! 

As for accessories, don’t forget to use something from her wardrobe that she’ll be wearing on her birthday. 

Try adding a little bit of accessories to her birthday outfits, like a tiara or a hat, and you can get a lot of fun and colorful results. 

Here are a few ideas for birthday dress ideas: For girls ages 8-12: The Dress For the Heart: Black and blue (or other fun colors) (Or use a fun and sparkly color to match her favorite color!) 

Black (I prefer a brighter color for my girls ages ages 8 and 9) White (a little bit lighter than the others) Red (red is always fun) Yellow (you can make your girls red or yellow!) 

Grey (gives her a little more variety!) 

Bright yellow (great for a fun party) Black & white (or other colors)  Bunny ears & flowers (make sure the flowers match the hair color!) 

 Black & black (also great for your girls ages 9 and 10) Cherry (just a bit darker for a little fun!) 

Coffee (optional, or just a little black) Green (for kids ages 6-10) Bamboo (if you’re feeling creative) Purple (For kids ages 8) Pink (You can wear your pink hair in any color you want, or you can just use a cute, fun color for your kids!) 

White (for a little variety) Orange (If your girl is really into purple) Blue (The best for a birthday party!) 

A few fun ideas for dress ideas for girls ages 3-6: Dress For the Soul: A colorful sparkle (or two!) 


Green (For kids 6-11) Dance (Dress is a wonderful way to spend the day!) 

Blue (For a little extra sparkle) Ornaments (Choose a sparkly or a pretty one!) 

Faux flowers The more colorful and colorful the more fun you can have!

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