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An Irish writer and journalist who was in charge of organising a series of films about the history of the Irish Republic says he has already written the scripts for more than 30 films.

Read more:Read or Share this story:The film festival that celebrates the holiday season in the United States is to be renamed the National Holiday Film Festival and its first director will be an Irishman, the writer and broadcaster said.

The National Holiday Filmmaking Festival, set to be held in New York in October, is set to showcase the work of Irish writers and film-makers to an audience of millions.

It will be the first major film festival in Ireland to be led by an Irishperson, writer and filmmaker.

Its executive director, Brian O’Donnell, said it would be a fitting tribute to the Irish people who made the country what it is.

It is important to recognise the importance of the festival to the country, he said.

It would be an opportunity for people to see what Irish cinema can do.

It’s about our shared history.

Its about celebrating the history and heritage of the country.

The programme will include films by local artists, including the celebrated artist and composer John Hughes, as well as films about Ireland’s cultural achievements, such as the Irish cinema industry.

It also aims to showcase film and television produced by Irish producers and directors.

Mr O’Connell said the festival would feature films by filmmakers from all walks of life, and that it would not only showcase their work, but also offer an insight into their personalities.

“It’s a celebration of the work that they do, and of the stories that they tell,” he said, adding that he hoped that people would share the film festival’s spirit of innovation, diversity and social justice.

“There is a lot to be learned from our history and our culture, and its something that we are going to be able to share with our world.”

Read moreThe National Film Festival, which was first established in 1974, is a non-profit organisation that promotes and promotes Irish film and its cultural heritage.

Mr Hughes, who died in 2015, founded the festival and created its first film in 1979, The Last Days of Joy, which explored the relationship between Irish and American cinema.

Its director, Stephen O’Connor, has also written several books about Irish cinema, including The Irish Cinematic Heritage. has contacted the festival for comment.

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