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The list of the best and worst holiday desserts isn’t easy to come by, but we thought it would be worth sharing with you.

Whether it’s a seasonal dish or a traditional holiday dessert, there’s something here for everyone.

Here are the top five holiday desserts that we thought deserve your attention.


Chai latte  (Chai latts are a specialty drink at the Chai House in San Francisco, which specializes in seasonal, seasonal drinks.

The name Chai Latte is a play on the word “cheesecake,” which means a “dessert” with a thick, custard-like filling, according to the Chahli House blog.

A few of our favorites include a cinnamon, almond, and coconut latte.

Chai Latts are sold in both regular cups and mini-cups, which can be bought in either a cup or mini.


Cinnamon rolls  Cinnamon rolls are a staple of Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations.

While many people think of cinnamon rolls as a Thanksgiving dessert, the fact that they are sold during the holidays makes them a favorite of Christmas shoppers.

We’re happy to report that cinnamon rolls are very popular on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, too.


Pudding  Pudding is an easy, delicious dessert that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

For many families, pudding is a favorite holiday dessert.

Some of our favorite Thanksgiving favorites include pumpkin and pecan pudding, with a sweet coconut cream filling.


Mango pudding Mango pudding is one of our go-to holiday desserts.

Mangoes are a perennial favorite on Thanksgiving and the holidays.

Whether it’s eaten with rice or with sweetened whipped cream, the flavor of mangoes are wonderful.


Pumpkin pie Pumpkin pie is another favorite holiday holiday dessert that we think deserves your attention!

Pumpkin pie is made from ground turkey, so it’s very rich in flavor and contains a thick filling.

We like to serve it with pumpkin, which is the only thing that will keep the filling from curdling.


Cheesecake A cheesecake is a baked treat, which means that it’s filled with fruit, but with a little bit of filling to go with it.

This is one dish that everyone loves on Thanksgiving, especially if you make it for yourself.


Chia pudding Chia pudding is another great holiday dessert for everyone who enjoys a tasty dessert.

Chias are often made from chia seeds, which make them a wonderful addition to holiday desserts like gingerbread or ice cream.


Cranberry sauce Cranberry sauce is one our favorites holiday dessert because it’s made with fresh cranberries.

It’s one of the most popular holiday dessert flavors on Thanksgiving because of its light and sweet flavor.


Apple pie Apple pie is a classic holiday dessert with layers of fresh fruit and chocolate chips.

It can be eaten all year long.


Banana pudding Banana pudding is often served with ice cream, but it’s also a perfect holiday dessert to serve with any dessert.

Banana is a very popular holiday food that can make a good addition to any Thanksgiving dessert.


Pumpkin bread Pork loin bread is another classic holiday holiday dish.

The recipe calls for fresh pork loin and a light, fluffy layer of bread.

We especially like the fresh pumpkin pie crust that it makes.


Cinnamon Rolls Cinnamon Rolls are a seasonal dessert that you can find in both a regular cup and mini cup.

They’re a great choice for people who like to use their hands to decorate the cake.


Pumpkin spice cake PUMPKIN SPICE COOKIE is a seasonal, holiday dessert made with pumpkin spice and cinnamon.

The flavor is light and chewy, so you can eat it anytime of the year, from Thanksgiving Day to Christmas Day.


Cranberries and sugar This dessert is another holiday favorite that we like to make because of the light, chewy texture.

It comes in a variety of flavors and you can add more cinnamon or cranberries to it.

We have two flavors to choose from: a cinnamon and sugar version and a vanilla version.


Meringue pie This pie is also a very easy dessert to make.

The filling is made of mashed pumpkin and whipped cream and it’s one that everyone can enjoy.


Sweet potato pie Sweet potato pie is one the best Thanksgiving desserts, but you can easily make this with your favorite Thanksgiving dessert like cinnamon rolls or chocolate chip cookies.


Chocolate chip cookies Chocolate chip cookies are also a great dessert for the holidays because they are filled with chocolate chips, which are a delicious addition to your holiday desserts and holiday foods.


Apple Pie Apple pies are a classic dessert that many families enjoy on Thanksgiving. You

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