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We’ve been working on a new feature for Windows Phone 8 called Live Tiles that gives you more control over how the tile system works.

Today we’re announcing the first preview build of Live Tile for Windows.

Live Tiled on Windows 8 is coming to Nokia Lumia devices on December 1st.

Live Tiles for Windows 8 will have four main categories:Themes and backgrounds, the Metro interface and more.

They’re designed to be easily accessible on different devices and can be customized to suit your needs.

Themes are designed to help you organize your tiles on your phone.

You can choose from a range of themes, such as traditional black and white, modern black and blue, or your own customised themes.

We also made it easier to add new themes from a library of icons, and to create a new theme from scratch with an icon and a thumbnail.

The backgrounds are designed for a traditional, clean look that will make your tiles look sharp and modern.

They include traditional icons, animated GIFs and even a selection of tiles with text.

They will also include background images and animated GIF elements, and can also be configured to automatically adjust their size to match the display size of your device.

Custom tiles are created with your own customized icons, graphics and tiles.

You choose the tile size and layout you want to display on the screen.

You then pick from an assortment of custom themes, from black and dark grey to bright yellow and light grey.

Customized tiles can also display your custom tiles in the Metro tile interface.

For example, you can have your own tiles on top of Metro tiles, or have the Metro tiles in your tile gallery with a custom icon or graphics.

You can also choose the tiles you want the Live Tiler to use when the tile is displayed, or you can use the tiles themselves.

You will also be able to change the tile theme and background.

You’ll see the tile’s size, shape, and color, and the tiles’ names.

You’ll be able also customize the Live Tile interface to display other tiles, including your own.

You won’t have to be rooted to install them, as they’ll be available as a part of the Windows Phone Store.

We’ve also added support for tile previews on the Windows phone app store, and you can even add your own Live Tiling tiles from the Windows Store to your tiles.

As you can see from the preview build above, Live Tils will be available in the Windows app store on December 15th.