Trip Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 

We’re back to normal for the holidays! 

Thanksgiving is an important holiday for many people, and for the first time, we’ve got an official official holiday celebration. 

You can find the official holiday list here: holiday giving  on the official holidaygiving blog. 

As the holiday is about honoring and celebrating the lives of the dead, the list includes a mix of traditional and contemporary holiday items, and some items are more than just “christmas gifts”. 

Below, we’re breaking down what’s on the list and some of the other gifts you’ll be getting from us.

Here’s the holiday list: 1. 

The Golden Bible  This is the official Christmas gift from McDonalds to all of the people of the world.

It features a gold Bible and a gold cross on a silver tray with a message that reads, “You will find this Bible in every McDonalds restaurant around the world.”

You can buy the Golden Bible on for $20.


Hanky Panky  Hanky Panky has become the most famous, and most widely-followed, holiday drink in history.

The drink was invented in 1932 by Hank Williams Jr., the late musician, and it was originally served at the Hamburger King in Atlanta.

This is what it looks like: Hanks birthday: February 21, 1939 Hank’s birthday: October 7, 1939 Hinsdale High School: December 12, 1945 3. 

Christmas Eve Happy Hour  If you’re feeling like your favorite holiday drinks are not being served at McDonalds, you can still buy them at other places.

They are: McDonald’s Holiday Bagel, $2.50 McD’s Holiday Shakes, $4 McLovin’ Hot Dogs, $1 McKee’s Holiday Pickles, $3 McNasty Hot Dogs , $6 McVitie’s Happy Hour Sandwich, $5 4. 

McSally’s Christmas Dinner The best part about this gift is that you can’t order it until December 31, 2018. 

This includes a bowl of mashed potatoes, a glass of milk, and a cookie.

You’ll also receive a Christmas tree, and you’ll receive the McChrystal Gift Certificate. 


Pork Chops and Pints  A couple of weeks ago, McDonalds announced that they were giving away a PORK CHOPS treat for the whole family.

Pork chops are made with ground pork, onion, garlic, and spices.

We all know that a good burger is made with the best ingredients, but we’ve never seen this happen at McDonald’s.

To celebrate the holiday, you will receive a McChicken Grill and McCrunchy Chops.


Chopsticks  Chow down on this festive treat, you won’t want to miss it.

These chopsticks are $1.99.


Candy-apple  Don’t let the name fool you, these are not fancy chocolate chip cookies.

Instead, they’re made with real sugar and cinnamon. 

They’re available from McMuffin at McGraw-Hill.


Chicken nuggets The world’s most popular holiday snack is a real one.

McMalls Chicken Nuggets are a satisfying fries that are made from ground chicken, onions, potatoes, and corn. Available at all McDonalds locations, you’ll get your McCone Chicken Nuggets on December 31.


Grapefruit A festive treat that is not for the faint of heart.

All of your favorite flavors are available in one McChip Gram and you’ll also get your very own McFurniture Growlers and a Dunkin’ Donut Tater. 


Waffle  While it might be a little too festive for your Christmas meal, you have to admit, this is a great gift.

There are some amazing waffles to choose from, including a McDonkey Waffles with chunky  cinnamon and chocolate. 

Want more? 

The McDONKEY WIFI network is available in select markets and it will allow you to play all of your waffles online. 


Aussie Bacon There are no words

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