Trip Holidays

Holiday appetizers.

That’s what the Holiday Menu will look like in 2021, with more than 10,000 items and nearly $5 million worth of holiday products.

The menus will be the foundation for the entire Holiday Menu, which will include festive desserts and a whole bunch of holiday cocktails.

And that’s where you’ll find a whole lot of food.

While the Holiday Food and Drink menu will be available in select locations, there will also be a full line of holiday-themed desserts, which you can find on the Holiday Feast, a new seasonal menu that also includes a holiday dessert menu.

All in all, there’s plenty of options for a whole host of holiday staples.

But we’re not ready to say that the Holiday food menu is ready yet.

We’re still waiting on the details from the new year.

That said, we’re pretty sure we’re going to have a whole ton of holiday food in 2021.

In fact, we just might have an entirely new category of holiday foods that we haven’t even begun to explore yet.

And it will be just as delicious as ever.