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A month ago, the US government announced that the federal government would be banning the sale of the sale, or possession, of firearms, ammunition, and accessories that can be converted into “lethal” ammunition.

This follows the tragic shooting at a Las Vegas concert on January 2 that left 50 people dead and more than 500 injured.

The mass shooting occurred in a crowded country music festival, with dozens of people in attendance.

In addition to this, the president of the US Congress, Nancy Pelosi, announced that she would introduce legislation on December 19, 2017, that would ban the sale and possession of all semiautomatic rifles, including assault weapons, and “large capacity ammunition feeding devices.”

A week ago, a US Marine killed himself in a gunfight with an alleged armed intruder in Hawaii.

However, in the wake of the tragedy, gun control advocates have pushed to ban assault weapons.

The New York Times reported on December 13, 2017 that the “assault weapons ban” was introduced in Congress by the Democrat Chuck Schumer, but it was not enacted.

“This is the first time in history that a federal ban has passed Congress, but the gun lobby is now trying to push it through Congress,” said Mark Glaze, executive director of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

In the wake.

of the mass shooting, gun rights advocates have also pushed for stricter gun laws.

“The goal is to make sure that the people of this country have a gun for the foreseeable future, not to ban them,” Glaze told the Times.

In October, the National Rifle Association announced that it had collected 1.5 million signatures on a petition calling for the US to ban semi-automatic weapons.

Since then, the group has added thousands of signatures to the petition, which now stands at more than 50,000.

Gun rights advocates argue that these weapons are increasingly popular with the general public, as they are more easily available, and they are often more expensive than a handgun.

Gun control advocates are also pushing for more stringent gun control measures.

“We want to see gun control on every level, from the licensing to the background checks, the waiting periods, to the registration of the guns,” Glazesaid.

“That’s what makes it more dangerous.”

In addition, gun violence experts say that stricter gun control laws could result in fewer people being able to obtain and use guns, and thus lead to fewer gun deaths.

“It’s an old story, but now we’ve got the technology to make it easier to carry,” said Glaze.

“People don’t have the technology anymore, so they don’t know what to do when it’s their turn to carry.”

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