Trip Holidays

The Prime Minister has condemned the widespread holiday shopping on Australia’s streets, and urged Australians to keep shopping at home.

He also blamed a lack of public spending on the “poor” and “diseased” state of the country’s finances.

“Christmas is a time to take a breath and look back at what we’ve accomplished over the past two years, and I think it is a great time to spend time with family and friends,” Mr Turnbull said.

While the Prime Minister blamed the lack of spending on a lack on public spending, he also said the poor were not doing much better.

Mr Turnbull said the Australian economy was “very resilient” despite the global financial crisis and the fact that Christmas was “just another day”.

“We’re in the midst of a very tough global economic environment, but the Australian public is doing well and we’re spending, so it’s a great Christmas for the Australian people,” he said.

“We have a strong economic recovery and we’ve got a very strong recovery in manufacturing and manufacturing employment.”

Christmas is not a day to forget, Mr Turnbull added.

But he also pointed to the “unfair and unfair” Christmas shopping habits of the poor, saying “we should stop trying to blame them for our financial situation”.

He said Australians should shop at home instead, and buy their groceries and other essentials before Christmas, and that “people need to have time to reflect on their Christmas shopping”.

‘No time for the shopping’ Mr Turnbull also urged Australians not to shop on Christmas Day and to avoid “frightening” shopping on public holidays, saying the poor could have a better Christmas.

“[Christmas] is not the time for people to go shopping,” he told reporters.

In an emotional speech in the national capital, Mr Abbott said Australians “deserve to be in a festive mood”, and pointed to his own Christmas celebrations. AAP/ABC

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