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A woman who allegedly assaulted a colleague at work has come forward to police, telling police she was “in denial” and “didn’t believe her words” when she said she “felt unsafe”.

The woman, who has not been named in the police report, is the mother of two children and said she had been sexually assaulted after she reported the incident to her co-workers.

The woman said the woman was an employee of her employer at the time and the incident occurred when she was on her lunch break.

The alleged attack took place in September.

“I am not comfortable with my words, but I was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” the woman told the police.

The CBC’s Erin O’Toole was first to report the incident on Wednesday.

The mother of the woman said she felt “completely helpless” and told O’Leary she had not seen the report and believed it was “foolish” to believe she would be believed.

“The last time I thought I would have an experience like this, I was 13 and I was doing my first year at university,” she told O’,Leary.

The incident allegedly happened when the woman’s co-author was on a lunch break in January, and she was walking to a desk when she heard a man walking down the hall.

“It was just a sudden knock on the door and I thought, ‘Who is that?’ and I ran into the office,” she said.

The suspect is described as a man in his 20s or 30s, standing about five feet, six inches tall and weighing 180 pounds.

The report also details how the woman claimed she was repeatedly punched by the suspect, who was described as wearing a black hoodie and black jeans.

The victim told the woman she had a bruise on her right cheek and she believed she had sustained a concussion from the alleged attack.

The man was described by the woman as a black man with short dark hair.

The police report says the suspect told police he had been drinking and that he had “felt safe” when he entered the office and was working alone.

The female victim said she has a history of violence against women, including the assault of her mother and the beating of her father in the past.

She has also told police that she “likes to hurt men”.

The alleged incident is the second time in recent weeks that a woman has alleged a workplace sexual assault.

A week earlier, a woman claimed to have been sexually harassed by a man working at a nursing home in Winnipeg, but police are still investigating the case.

The RCMP did not release the male suspect’s name, but it is believed he is a man.

The Winnipeg Sun reported that the suspect is believed to have arrived at the nursing home after a night of drinking, but the investigation is ongoing.

The Ottawa Citizen reported on Tuesday that police in Quebec City had released video footage of a man entering a house with a woman and her two young children, after the suspect allegedly sexually assaulted them.

A police spokesperson said investigators had released the video to the public in an effort to help police in their investigation.

The accused suspect’s identity was not released because he is an “apparent suspect.”

Police also released surveillance video of the suspect from outside the house in which he allegedly sexually assaults the woman.

In another case, a Toronto woman accused a man she worked with of sexually assaulting her.

She claimed she worked in a nursing facility and had been at home with her child when she allegedly had a drink with the man, who she later found dead.

The women’s lawyer has said the two women had a “sexual relationship” that lasted for about five months.

“When she saw him again in the morning, she immediately called the police,” said lawyer Jodie Griffith.

“There is no doubt that these women felt uncomfortable because of what had happened in the previous three days,” she added.

A man allegedly sexually harassed a woman at a shopping mall in Saskatoon in September, and the woman claims the man left her alone for a few hours after she told him to stop.

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