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Posted November 18, 2018 08:05:48 ACT Holiday Hours for November 2018 are now over and ACT is closing for the year, with many holiday services suspended or cancelled.

Many businesses and leisure facilities are operating normally, but there is still plenty of uncertainty around holiday hours.

The ACT Holiday Hours Act is now in place and will see some of the most busy periods for holiday lighting cancelled.

Holiday light display hours are extended from 11:00am on Friday to 6:00pm on Monday.

What you need in your area:There are some major events taking place around the ACT in the coming months, including:Christmas is a big one for the ACT, with the ACT Government announcing that more than 300 schools will close in November, and up to 2,500 people will be homeless in December.

This includes people living in the ACT’s inner-city and inner-suburban communities, including in Melbourne, Ballarat, Cairns, Cottesloe, Gosford and other inner-west and outer-east suburbs.

You can expect to see more closures in the near future.

ACT Government holiday light display regulations are available on the ACT Parliament website.

What you can expect in your ACT areaThe ACT Government is providing information about the ACT Holiday Lights Regulations, including what lights can be used, what can be banned and where to apply.

There are many restrictions around the area of display, so make sure you know where to go for the best holiday lights in your community.

Information on the rules and regulations for the holiday season is available from the ACT Ministerial Office on the government’s website:¬† ACT also offers information on how to get holiday light permits and to apply for a permit, and the ACT Police will be on hand to make sure your holiday lights stay safe.

The ACT government also has information on the Holiday Lighting Act and other information on holiday lighting and the regulations.