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A New Year is coming!

The year is now upon us and it is time for the next chapter in our life, as the world mourns the loss of the lone survivor.

In our quest for the truth about this year, we will explore the past, present and future.

Here are a few things we will look back at and ask ourselves, “What does this year mean for us?”

What is it like to be a lone survivor?

How can I contribute to the healing process?

The answers to these questions and many more will be revealed in a new book titled “A Day of Silence.”

As a survivor of the mass murder, I can attest to the devastating effect it had on the rest of us, the people who love us, and the ones we lost in the attacks.

In this book, I hope to shed light on the past as well as present to provide insight into the future.

In the spirit of this year’s celebration, let us reflect on the events of the past few months, especially the day in which I was kidnapped.

On November 21, 2017, I was walking to my mother’s house in the Bronx, New York, when a young man wearing a ski mask and a ski hat pulled me into his car and sped away.

The moment was a blur.

I was startled by the sudden rush of adrenaline that hit my system and then I was paralyzed, unable to move.

I can remember being on the sidewalk, scared to even open my eyes, thinking that the man in the mask was going to shoot me.

I did not want to live through it again.

It took a couple of hours for me to realize that my life was in danger.

But what about the hundreds of people I had just been introduced to that day?

What happened to them?

I have seen a lot of pictures and videos of the thousands of people that died on that fateful day.

But I did hear one thing: “I did not die in vain.”

For those who witnessed this attack, it was like a dream come true.

I know this is not the last I will hear about this attack.

It was not the end of my life.

It did not end with the death of my parents, my sisters and I. Nor did it end with what I saw in the news.

I am not ashamed of what happened.

I have learned that I am the lone warrior in this struggle, and I will continue to fight for my brothers and sisters.

The “Lone Survivors” by Joshua E. Freedman, a self-published author and survivor of sexual abuse, and others.