Trip Holidays

U.S. Postal Service workers could face delays in the hiring of postal employees as they face a new round of post office holiday closures.

Postal workers are expected to start posting on Jan. 11 and continue posting on Feb. 18, the postal service said in a memo sent to employees Thursday.

Postal service workers could be faced with the loss of about 6,000 jobs next month.

The move comes amid a nationwide shortage of mail workers, which is the largest reason postal workers have been short-staffed in years.

Postal Workers Union President Tim Jost said that if postal workers are still unable to get to their jobs by March 1, the post office could have a difficult time getting mail delivered next year.

The union said that could be especially problematic for postal employees who have had to train in new skills such as telemarketers.

Jost also noted that some postal workers will likely be out of work for months.

The Post Office Department of Labor and Employment did not immediately respond to a request for comment.