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Ford has revealed that the new 2000 holiday car has been designed to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of the Ford F150. 

Ford said the new car, which was developed in partnership with the British-based design studio JDM, will be unveiled in 2019.

The new F150 was released in August 2000 and is the first Ford to use the British design studio, JDM.

Ford said it is looking forward to celebrating the 30 years of Ford F 150 sales with its Christmas car.

It said the Christmas car will be a tribute to the F150’s heritage.

“We’re delighted that the Ford Motor Company will be creating a new vehicle that celebrates the 50th anniversary and to mark the occasion with a new colour, design and styling, and celebrate the great Ford experience for more than 40 years,” Ford Motor Chief Executive Mark Fields said in a statement.

“This new vehicle will have the iconic look and feel of the F-Series, with an updated interior and upgraded technology.”

As part of this new year, we are excited to unveil the Ford Christmas Car, which will offer all the excitement and glamour of the previous Ford Christmas car but with an upgraded look and a new design that will be more in line with the Ford experience.

“The Ford Holiday Car will be released in 2019 and will feature a distinctive, modern design, a custom engine bay and a refreshed interior.”

Customers will enjoy a range of Ford-themed accessories and accessories will be available to complement the festive atmosphere.

“The car is expected to be priced at around £21,500 ($31,200) and will be built in the UK.

Ford was forced to recall the first F150 in 2004 following a safety recall after it was found to have been fitted with a faulty airbag system.

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