Trip Holidays

You may have seen it in a store or on a poster in your local mall, but you might not have heard of the holiday station that sits just off the main road.

Gone holiday station in Sydney, Australia, is now a reality.

A team of local designers and artists has created the station, which will be up and running in Sydney’s inner-city on January 1st, 2018.

The station is being built by the community’s local art collective, The Art Of Sydney, which is comprised of local artists and designers.

The artist responsible for the station’s design, Alex Gersch, said the team wanted to bring the experience of a holiday station to a wider audience.

“I wanted to make it accessible to all,” he said.

He said the project is part of an ongoing collaboration with the Sydney CBD arts and culture department.

“We’ve worked closely with the Department of Culture and Arts for about a year, working with the artist who designed the station as well as the Department and the local council,” he explained.

“I think we’re both very proud of what we’ve done here.”

Mr Gersb said the station is part-funded by The Art of Sydney and the project will feature in their upcoming art show, called New World, at The Great Hall in Parliament Square on December 4.

New World is an exhibition of the works of artists that have been inspired by Australia’s diverse cultural history.

Mr Galsch said it was important to be involved in the community that has created this station.

When the community first started working on the station and the station itself, they had the support of local councils, he said, adding that they hoped that this collaboration with The Art would help further the project’s message of inclusion.

“It’s something that we can use to educate and inspire people and I think we’ve made an impact on the community and the city as a whole,” Mr Gersd said.


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