Trip Holidays

The holidays are upon us and we are all going to be out for our own family and friends.

I know there are lots of holiday recipes out there that are going to work for your family and others.

But what if you don’t want to make your own Christmas tree?

I know many of you want to use the holiday tree as a centerpiece in your home, but you don.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say “I’ll make one myself.”

There are so many things you can do to make a holiday tree that you’ll love to share with your family or friends.

Christmas is about celebrating and bringing joy to others.

You can’t do that without the holiday spirit, but we have to remember to give them something to celebrate with. 

Christmas trees are an incredible opportunity to show off your decorations and decorations make a great gift for your loved ones and the people you care about.

If you want your own holiday tree to become a part of your family’s home, I have some tips to help you get started.1.

Make sure you have enough room for all of the decorations.

This is one of the easiest ways to make sure your tree is a permanent part of the home.

If it’s too small, it’s just going to sit around in a corner or attic, which will detract from the overall look of your home.

I like to use a 1″ wide 1″ deep 2″ wide 2″ deep (this is a standard width) wood trimmer with a 3/8″ wide 3/4″ wide (this works great for larger trees) handle.

You don’t have to use that much material, but it will help give the tree more room.

If the wood trimmers are too narrow, you may have to cut the length of the handle a bit.

The trick is to make the handle as long as you can. 


Make the trimmer long enough for the Christmas tree.

I use a 2″ long piece of 1/2″ x 1/4″.

You can also use a small piece of wood. 


Make a small hole in the top of the wood and use a flat edge for the top.

I usually put a hole in my front yard for the trimmers.

You’ll need a piece of 3/16″ wood dowel. 


Cut a hole through the center of the trampoline. 


Make two holes in the side of the tree. 


Fill the two holes with 2 1/8-inch plywood dowels. 


Secure the dowels to the wood with 3/32″ wood screws or screws with 2-inch threaded bolts. 


Take a piece the same width as the dowel and cut it to fit through the hole in your wood.

I make a 4-inch hole at the top to allow the wood to slide in and out easily when you are putting the tree in place. 


Put the doweled wood in the center. 


Attach the 2 dowels and the tree to the dowelled wood.

You will need two screws and a screwdriver to secure the tree and dowel together. 


Trampoline the tree for 3-5 minutes to set it. 12. 

The tree will look a bit different in the next few weeks when you’re ready to decorate it with decorations.

 Have a great time decorating your holiday tree!

Happy holidays!

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