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By Mark Mancini and Michael Kallstrom Australian farmer Mark Macchi burns a Christmas tree after the Christmas fire in the area of Muckburn, west of the Gold Coast.

“I saw the fire, I was there and I ran up to the tree,” he said.

“It was like the worst thing I’ve ever seen.”

Firefighters battled a blazesign fire that broke out early on Christmas Day in Muckland, east of Gold Coast, west Queensland, after burning a Christmas crop.

The blaze, which was initially thought to be a tree, eventually expanded to a 40,000-hectare (124,000 hectares) field and threatened the surrounding area.

“There were flames everywhere, and the fire was still going,” Mr Macchio said.

The flames grew rapidly and by early afternoon, the blaze was 100 per cent contained.

“We’ve got a lot of people here, and it’s pretty hot and dry, and we’re just trying to stay on top of things,” Mr Moch said.

Firefighters and the Emergency Service and Disaster Services were deployed to the scene.

“This is a pretty serious fire, but there’s lots of people in the community here and it was just really good to see them all out there doing what they do,” he added.

“As soon as we got word about it, we rushed out there and got it under control.”

We’ll be looking at all the different areas that are affected and how we can help the people affected.

“They’re all doing the Christmas thing, the farm, so it’s just a big family here. “

When I came out there was about 100 people there, and that was just the field,” he told the ABC.

The kids are playing football, and they’re all playing in the yard, so I don’t know if they’re in there for Christmas.”

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