Trip Holidays

United States and Canada celebrated their 4th national holidays on Tuesday, with the US becoming the first country to announce its holiday schedule.

President Donald Trump’s decision to declare the fourth of July national holidays was announced at the White House.

The announcement comes on the same day that Canada also made the announcement. 

The new calendar was announced by the White, House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) on Monday, with a full text of the official schedule released on Tuesday.

The US is scheduled to host three major events, including the Presidents Day weekend parade on July 5, a military parade on June 30 and the National Park Service’s annual Independence Day parade on August 4.

The second week of the month will also see the first of two annual National Park Days, a three-day event which marks the completion of the park system and includes educational programs and events.

The last day of July will see the National Day Parade and the first weekend of Independence Week.

The Trump administration has also been busy preparing for the 2018 football season, announcing plans to host an NCAA football game in 2021.

President Trump also announced that the Department of Veterans Affairs would also be receiving a $2.3 billion increase to the number of veteran housing facilities, and that the White Houses National Park service will be receiving $4 billion in funding for infrastructure and projects. 

US stocks fell on Tuesday as investors feared the administration would use the $2 billion funding to slash funding for the Department, which is currently in a budget crisis.

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