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The New England Patriots are making a few changes to their offensive line and they’re not expecting much from them in 2017.

The Patriots have a lot of issues on the offensive line, and it’s starting to look like they may be a long way from making any real noise on defense.

The New England media have been saying the Patriots are planning on adding an outside linebacker this offseason.

But according to Rob Demovsky of ESPN, that’s not happening.

New England will not be adding an inside linebacker in 2017, according to ESPN’s Rob Demsky.

The Patriots are trying to add an outside rusher and that will be a position that has been discussed.

They are planning to bring in an outside player to play that role in the offseason.

It’s a position where the Patriots will probably need to bring back one of their veterans or two and possibly one of the undrafted free agents they have signed this offseason, according of Demsky’s report.

The idea of adding an interior lineman is not completely dead, however.

The Patriots could also add a defensive tackle.

That position will need to be filled with depth, but it’s not impossible to envision the Patriots adding a defensive end to the mix in the upcoming offseason.

The addition of a defensive lineman would help the Patriots improve the offensive lines line in general.

The depth at the position would allow them to add some depth to the interior.

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