Trip Holidays

Christmas Mathiis, the son of John Holiday, is set to release his fourth solo album, titled The Mathis Stories.

The album, written by the American musician, will be released on Christmas day via Atlantic Records, as well as on Christmas Day and New Years Day.

It is due to be released in the United States on January 5th.

The title track “The Mathi’s Story” is already available on Spotify and is accompanied by a live album.

The song is composed by John Holiday and features contributions from fellow artists including Chris Stapleton, John Grant, The Cure, Nick Cave and Thee Oh Sees.

The tracklisting on the Spotify page reads as follows: 1.

The Mathi Story 2.

“The Old Ones” 3.

“It Could Be Your Birthday” 4.

“Christmas Story” 5.

“John Holiday’s Mathis” 6.

“Santa Claus” 7.

“I’m Going to Go Home” 8.

“My Father” 9.

“In the End” 10.

“Laughing At The Sun” 11.

“All Alone in the World” 12.

“Goodbye” 13.

“A Christmas Story” 14.

“Merry Christmas” 15.

“Holiday Story” 16.

“On Christmas Eve” 17.

“To You Alone” 18.

“Come Back Home” 19.

“Beneath the Tree” 20.

“You Can’t Go Home Again” 21.

“Winter Wonderland” 22.

“Tears Of Winter” 23.

“Starry Night” 24.

“No Matter What You Do” 25.

“Let It Snow” 26.

“One Christmas” 27.

“When You Were Young” 28.

“Crowning Day” 29.

“Two Cars In One Day” 30.

“Forgive Me” 31.

“Dawn Comes” 32.

“Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” 33.

“Wish Upon a Star” 34.

“Last Christmas” 35.

“How Do I Know You’re Coming?”


“What If Christmas Never Happened?”


“And I’ll Still Be Your Christmas Tree” 38.

“There’s a Place for You in Here” 39.

“This Is What I Do For Christmas” 40.

“Happy Holidays” 41.

“We’ll Be Together Again” 42.

“Hear You Tonight” 43.

“If I Didn’t Have You” 44.

“That’s What Christmas Is For” 45.

“Why I’m Here” 46.

“Now You See Me” 47.

“Love Will Make You Happy” 48.

“Skipping” 49.

“Something’s Missing” 50.

“Can You Feel It?”


“Don’t Leave Me Alone” 52.

“Your Love Is Like A Bullet” 53.

“Where’s Your Heart?”


“Oh, Baby, It’s Cold Outside” 55.

“Here Comes The Sun Again” 56.

“Say Hello To My Father” 57.

“Get Home” 58.

“Little One” 59.

“Everything’s Fine” 60.

“Welcome to Christmas” 61.

“Nevermind” 62.

“Only a Child” 63.

“Everybody Knows” 64.

“New Year’s Day” 65.

“Snowman” 66.

“Frozen” 67.

“Ooh La La” 68.

“Baby Don’t Cry” 69.

“Chocolate Kisses” 70.

“Always” 71.

“Rainbow” 72.

“Everyday I Miss You” 73.

“Just a Child on Christmas” 74.

“Gotta Make Christmas Come True” 75.

“Somebody’s Watching Me” 76.

“Hey, Come Back Home Baby” 77.

“Old Santa Claus” 78.

“Make Love, Not War” 79.

“Heard It Before” 80.

“Sweet Dreams” 81.

“Not My Birthday” 82.

“Big, Beautiful Christmas” 83.

“Have A Merry Little Christmas” 84.

“Keep Me Warm” 85.

“Me, Me and Me” 86.

“Feeling Good” 87.

“Please Please Me” 88.

“Home Again” 89.

“Stayin’ Alive” 90.

“She’s Just Like You” 91.

“Thank You” 92.

“Beautiful” 93.

“Joyful Christmas” 94.

“Thanksgiving” 95.

“Take Me Home” 96.

“With Your Love” 97.

“Still” 98.

“Heart of Christmas” 99.

“Like a Christmas Tree to Me” 100.

“Nothing’s Wrong”

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