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President Donald Trump’s birthday is a momentous occasion, but one that is also a reminder of the importance of keeping our republic in check.

As a nation, we have lost sight of our ideals, which we have always strived to uphold.

And that is why we should celebrate our President’s life in public.

On Friday, Trump celebrated his 75th birthday with the release of a “Happy Birthday” video.

His birthday celebration was followed by a military parade and a National Day of Prayer in the White Houses Rose Garden.

As the president celebrated his birthday, there were calls to keep the focus on keeping the country safe.

We have lost a leader who has been a force for good and whose vision of a brighter future has guided our nation for decades.

The day of celebration has been hijacked by those who want to use this moment to distract from the devastating terrorist attack on our nation and to undermine the American people, our president said in a statement.

The people of the United States will never accept a terrorist attack that is not preventable.

In an interview with Fox News, House Speaker Paul Ryan said that Trump’s celebration of his birthday should be kept in perspective.

Trump has been an effective leader and a positive force in the fight against terrorism, Ryan said.

And the President has always had his own agenda, but his birthday was an occasion for the country to celebrate his achievements and the work he has been doing for decades, Ryan added.

We have to recognize that we are in this for the long haul, not just for this one day, Ryan told reporters on Air Force One.

Ryan’s comments were not the first time Ryan has criticized Trump’s celebrations.

In a speech last week, Ryan pointed out that Trump has always been “a positive force for positive change in the world.”

We should be able to celebrate him with our families, we should be celebrating his life, we can celebrate him in public with our kids, and we can be proud that the President was a great president for this country, Ryan continued.

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