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A $1,600-a-head party that featured live turkeys, homemade pumpkin spice lattes and a giant pumpkin was the priciest Halloween ever. 

It cost $4,400 to put on a lavish dinner party at a mansion in the Ozarks in January, according to a report from ABC News. 

And it’s only the second Halloween party this year to have a price tag over $2,000. 

“The most expensive Halloween ever,” one attendee told ABC News, who declined to give his name. 

One attendee described it as “a little bit of a mess” in an email to ABC News after the party.

“The food was so good.

The pumpkin spice was so sweet and the decorations were so gorgeous and so creative,” the attendee added.

The house was also decorated with hundreds of handmade decorations, including a “Sophistate” mural, a pumpkin patch and a “gorgeous” red carpet.

And there was even a costume contest: The house featured a variety of costumes including “Spooky Halloween” and a red-headed witch. 

The house sold for $2.1 million and is now listed on the Real Estate Board of Texas, a listing that is required before an investor can buy a home in Texas.

The mansion has been on the market since 2011, and the price tag was initially set at $1.9 million, according the Texas Real Estate Council. 

But the listing has since been updated to $2 million. 

This house was purchased by a wealthy real estate investor in Texas, who is selling it for a whopping $2 billion.

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