Trip Holidays

Costco has been struggling to keep holiday parking stocked at its Holiday Park in Los Angeles.

The parking lots were full of people on Monday, with some having already booked their rooms in advance.

But when a local told us that it was time to pull out, we went to check out the parking spots, only to discover that the only way to get there was to drive an hour north on Highway 101. 

We got in our cars and left, only for hours later to find out that the holiday park had been closed. 

Costco has since shut down the parking lots, and told us it was temporarily closing its Holiday Parks in L.A. and Santa Monica for the season. 

The holiday park’s manager, Kevin Zemlin, told us on Twitter that the company had been working to keep the parking available but that it’s too soon to tell if it will reopen. 

It’s not clear why the holiday parks have been shut down.

The holiday parks that are open are usually popular, with the average daily visitor estimated to be between 2,000 and 3,000 people. 

But we also got a sense that the Christmas season is not as popular as the holidays normally are, and we’re not sure that the Holiday Parks are filling up. 

A recent survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors found that most people who shop at the stores are staying home, which is an interesting point, given that Holiday Parks typically have a large number of visitors from other states and countries. 

While Holiday Parks don’t normally have a huge number of people, there’s been a recent spike in demand for Holiday Park parking this holiday season.

“As the holidays come, we’re seeing more demand for holiday parking than we’d like,” Zemli said. 

“This is partly due to the high volume of people shopping at the Holiday Park this holiday period.

We’re trying to adjust our business plan to be as accommodating as possible, but it’s going to be challenging.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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