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The Holiday Inn is taking a different tack to the sign that greets customers at its popular Holiday Inn Express hotel, with a $100 million makeover.

The sign is currently decorated in a white, pink and blue color scheme, but will now feature the company’s trademark red and blue colors.

“The Holiday Inn brand is a great way to celebrate our 100 years of being a destination and bringing people together,” said the Holiday Inns CEO and President David R. Hockett in a statement to Mashable.

“With a modern, vibrant design, the new sign celebrates the hotel’s roots and history as a destination, a family, and a family of consumers.”

The sign, which is expected to open to guests in the fall, features an iconic red and green “H” and a new blue, green and red design with a “holiday” theme.

The company has not released an official statement about the new design.

The “holiday Inn” sign is a popular tourist attraction that celebrates the history of the hotel and its brand.

In 2016, the hotel surpassed $1 billion in annual revenue, and is one of the largest hotels in the world.

In 2019, the company reported that it had a net loss of $6.3 billion.

The Holiday Innes is known for being a family friendly, family-oriented destination.

The hotel has a theme park in the form of “Disneyland,” a theme-park-like amusement park and a hotel that offers guest amenities including free Wi-Fi, a spa and a fitness center.

The Hotel has also expanded into a second location in the Las Vegas area, a new hotel in New York City, and more hotels are on the way.

The New York Times wrote in 2017 that the hotel was a “must-see destination.”

The New Orleans-based hotel was once the site of a notorious slave market and is now home to more than 300 African American and Latino employees.

The building, located at 1430 Lake Charles Blvd., has been the site for the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl 50 home game.

In 2018, the Hilton Mid-South property also moved into a hotel at the site.

In 2015, the New York Post wrote that the Holiday Hotel was in trouble, but the owners said the hotel had “finally found a way to survive.”

In 2014, the resort closed and was subsequently purchased by the Walt Disney Co. in 2019.

The property is now owned by the New Jersey-based Frontier Group.

The resort was previously a theme resort in the 1960s and has been closed for more than 20 years.

The Hilton has been criticized by the Southern Poverty Law Center for racism and for “systematically denying Black, Latino and LGBT guests the same opportunities and privileges as white guests,” according to the SPLC.

The Daily Beast also wrote in 2016 that the resort had been described as “one of the most racist hotels in America,” and the Hilton said it “takes all guest feedback very seriously.”

The Holiday Hotel is currently the busiest hotel in the country, according to a 2016 report from the Newseum.

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