Trip Holidays

A full month in, the holidays have been a full-fledged affair across Britain.

But what are the most memorable Christmas drives, and how are they going?

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite Christmas drives from across the UK, with a full guide to all the highlights of the holidays, from a list that includes our favourite holiday hotspots to our favourite events to favourite shops and pubs.

So, what are we going to be doing?

You’re welcome to add your own driving experiences to the mix.

Here are a few highlights to get you started:  Christmas in the Park with the Snowmen Christmas in the park The Snowmen are a holiday event that’s been held every year since 1789.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Snowman, with the snow covered parks of St Andrews, Dumfries and Galloway, as well as the village of Aberystwyth, in Wales, as part of the celebrations. 

It’s the Snowmania, with The Snowmen being the biggest holiday attraction of the year and being a huge draw for holidaymakers and locals alike.

This festive event, which is held every December, features more than 300 snowmen dressed in their finest snowman costumes, plus a huge queue of snow angels that are also set to be part of The Snowmania. 

Forget about the cold, The Snowman is a fun, family-friendly holiday that attracts more than 250,000 guests.

You can take part in a snowball fight with your friends and enjoy a variety of fun activities and activities for the kids. 

Woolwich Christmas Market Woolswich Christmas Markets This year, the woolwich Christmas market is a festive affair in the heart of the capital. 

There are more than 200 stalls set up at the market, which are decorated with the city’s distinctive coloured and colourful wool, while a large number of stalls also offer traditional holiday decorations. 

The market, run by the Woolwich Council, features the largest Christmas market in the city, with over 200 stalls, and also offers a huge range of festive food, drinks and entertainment for the whole family. 

Mudlebrook Christmas Market Muddlebrook Christmas Markets Muddlebrook is one of the largest markets in the county, which runs for about six months in the winter.

It’s a popular shopping destination for shoppers from across London, with thousands of stalls selling everything from gifts and jewellery to gifts, Christmas trees and Christmas cards. 

Families can also spend time at the markets Christmas tree decorating, as it’s the perfect place for kids to get dressed up for the festive season. 

Christmas Market with a Twist Christmas Markets with a twist The Christmas Market with an Twist is the largest in the country, with more than 400 stalls at this year’s festive event.

This is the perfect opportunity for families to celebrate with their children, who can be dressed up in their favourite Christmas clothes and get dressed to the nines in their best holiday outfits. 

Newcastle Christmas Market Newcastle Christmas Markets The Newcastle Christmas Market is one the largest festive events in the region, with an estimated 300,000 stalls in the market.

This includes a huge variety of stalls, including Christmas trees, holiday decorations, food and drink, and even a range of Christmas activities for children. 

This is a great opportunity for parents to take their children to one of Newcastle’s top Christmas markets, while also offering great opportunities for their kids to discover Christmas. 

Chippenham Christmas Market Chippenhaes Christmas Markets    Chippensham Christmas Markets is one part of Newcastle, with its distinctive Christmas market located in the area of Chippenshead, just minutes from Newcastle city centre. 

You can shop for Christmas, and for your family, in a wide variety of shops and restaurants.

You’ll find some great bargains in the Christmas Market and many stalls sell Christmas gifts, food, drink, art and more. 

What to do when you’ve got time to kill? 

Christmas with the kids  Christmas with kids Chilling in the evenings, and on weekends, is the ideal way to get the kids excited about Christmas, with plenty of activities for both kids and adults to enjoy. 

In Chippenhaughton you’ll find many Christmas-themed shops, and at the Christmas market you can find a wide range of gifts and festive items for your children.

A big part of this holiday is taking part in The Christmas Festival, a series of fun events, and Christmas Story Night. 

Trent Christmas Market Trent Christmas Markets