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The answer is, “well, a lot” according to the company.

The pie has become the toast of the Christmas season with millions of people enjoying the taste of a new classic.

But how does McDonalds’ holiday pie taste and does it compare with other pies?

Here are our top 10 picks.

McDonalds Christmas pie is a “classic” that is a bit different to other Christmas classics.

The company says it is a classic because it’s made from a mix of all-natural ingredients, like apples, cherries, peaches, dates, pears and applesauce.

Mcdonald’s said it is also “fresh and crisp” with a “smooth texture”.

The company said it chose the name “McDonald’s Christmas pie” because it “takes on an added meaning” to Christmas celebrations, because it was a “traditional celebration of the holiday season”.

The Mcdonald family first opened the first Mcdonald on Christmas Eve 1792.

It was the first restaurant in Australia to offer a traditional Christmas meal in 1871.

Mcdonalds Christmas pies, which are available from Christmas Eve to Christmas Day, have become a staple of Australian holiday celebrations.

“The pie is one of our most popular Christmas dishes,” said John McElwain, senior manager of the Mcdonald-Dorothy’s division, which makes the pies.

“People love to eat it, they love to taste it and they want to keep eating it, so we are trying to take that into the next generation.”

McDonald owners Bob and Marilyn McDonald said they started out by making a “real” Christmas meal at home in the early 20th century.

“It’s a tradition that has grown over the years and we’ve been making pies since then,” Marilyn McDonald told the ABC.

McNamara said the McDonald family is “a family of true believers”.

“We’re all family.

It’s the same thing we’ve always been about: family,” she said.”

We love it.

It just brings us together.”

A pie from a Mcdonald store in Sydney, November 2015.

The McElWains have been in the business for about 150 years.

Bob McElwin said the family’s tradition began in the 1800s when he was working in the kitchen at the family restaurant in the Sydney suburb of Parramatta.

“I was a cook at that time and I was really into pies.

Mr McElwrll said he has never stopped trying to produce a delicious pie, even though it’s not quite the same as his grandfather’s recipe.””

They would bring in the fruit from the trees, and I would bring them the apples and they would make them,” Mr McElwyll said.

Mr McElwrll said he has never stopped trying to produce a delicious pie, even though it’s not quite the same as his grandfather’s recipe.

“That’s where we’re coming from.

I always try to create the best, and if that means doing it with a little bit more cream than normal, that’s fine,” he said.

McDougall’s Christmas pies are “a bit more refined than normal”, according to Mr McDrew, and the company also says it uses “natural” ingredients in the pies, including “natural ingredients like apple cider vinegar and apple peel”.

“It is a real traditional celebration of Christmas, which is what it is,” Mr McCreery said.

“We try to make it as natural as possible, so it doesn’t taste like a typical Christmas.”

McDrew said McElworth’s Christmas Pie “has been a staple in Australian Christmas traditions since it was invented”.

“People really enjoy it,” he told the BBC.

“They like it a lot.

They really love it.”

Mcdonald’s McDoughnuts are a “very special” pie, said Mr McCrew, because they “create a lot of buzz and excitement”.

“When you’re trying to get people to come in the store to eat the pies you want them to really love them, and they do,” he added.

“And they do.

It has become a huge hit, and we don’t even know how many people have eaten the McDouguns”.

The pie uses a mix between apples, pecans and pears, and “our pecan and cherry mixture is a little more dense than most pies that are made with those ingredients”, according a McDreys Christmas Pie FAQ.

“If you don’t like a particular flavour of the pecan and cherry, it will be fine, but it is not as sweet as the other varieties,” the FAQ says.

The company says the pies are made by hand in small batches using a “sour cream method”.

The pies come in three different flavours: a light and rich, a savoury, and a nutty.

“The nutty pie has a light flavour, and that is just because we are making the pie with a lot more cream,” Mr McDrew said.

The pie has also become a popular “foodie” choice.

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