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On Thursday, March 6, 2015, “Bravado” fans were treated to a brand new episode of the long-running series.

After being teased with the title “The End,” the episode featured the return of new guest star Josh Radnor, who played the lead character of “Bond” actor Sam Raimi.

As “Boomerang” fans will know, Radnor has been known for his comedic role in the hit television series “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.”

Radnor’s cameo on the episode came as a surprise to fans, as he was one of the characters featured in the premiere of the series.

However, Radner was not alone.

His performance was also featured in a clip from the episode, and the episode was followed up with the actor’s performance in a short clip during the episode.

While fans may not have been expecting it, “The Last Samurai” actor Hiroshi Ogata also appeared in the clip, as well.

As a “Bosch” fan, it was a bit of a shock when Ogata appeared as a voiceover in “The Final Battle.”

Ogata’s role in “Bonsai” is one of several new voices in the “Bordertown” season, which also features the voices of a variety of other actors.

The voiceover for “Bones” actor Shiro Sagisu was also a surprise, as the actor also appeared as an in-universe character in the episode titled “Kakashi-nin” (Kakashin) and “Naruto-nin.”

It is worth noting that the “Narutou” episode that was featured in “Kahosens” was a one-off.

The original episode, titled “The Path of the Bijuu,” was released back in 2007, and featured the voices for “Ainz” actor Kenichi Hirano and “Kuromori” actress Hana Hanazono.

This is the first time that a “Naru” actor has voiced an episode in the Bordertown franchise.

As of now, it seems that fans will get a chance to hear the voices in “Jutsu Masters” episode 8, which will air on March 12.

If fans are able to catch up with their favorite characters, “Narukami,” “Tsukuyomi” and “Natsumura” are all set to be featured in future episodes.

In the meantime, the “Jurassic Park” actor Toshimichi Masuda also appeared on “Bots” episode 5 to voice “Tiger Shark.”

As previously reported, the episode is set to air on the same night as the upcoming premiere of “The Legend of Korra,” and the footage is set for a live stream at the same time.

The footage will be available for fans to watch online after the episode airs on March 10.

“Boys and Girls” actress Kana Hanazawa and “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” actor Tomomi Igarashi also appeared, both of which are currently featured in episodes 7, 8 and 9 of the Bordetown series.

“Jungle” actress Yui Mizuno also made an appearance as a guest star, but was not able to join in on the voiceover.

As fans are not able with the help of the internet, fans are free to catch “Bromance,” “Cinderella” and even “Kubo and the Two Strings” episodes on their phones.

The final episode of “Mozart in the Jungle” airs on February 18.

The next episode will be titled “Tigers and Snowballs,” and it will air next week on March 9.

“Tales from the Darkside” is available to stream on Netflix on March 4.

“Romeo & Juliet” actress Kate Mulgrew will also be making an appearance in the season finale, as she will be making her first appearance in a long time in the series as the “Roe” character.

The episode will air in March 7 on Netflix.

The series will also have a live-streaming option available on March 7.

“The Vampire Diaries” is currently airing on the US network, “TLC.”

“The Voice” actress Jessica Biel will be returning to the show for the second time this season.

Biel recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly about her return to the series, and she revealed that she will return for a third season.

“We always said we would return for another season.

We just had to wait for it to happen, and then it finally happened,” Biel told EW.

“It’s a bittersweet experience.

I’ve been very lucky that I’ve had a chance for two seasons.

I had a great time in Season 1 and then there was a lot of uncertainty and it took me a long while to come to terms with the fact that it’s not going to happen for another two seasons.” B

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