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Donald Trump has taken aim at the National Day of the Unjustly Denigrated, saying it’s “unjust and unfair” to call it “Juneteenth.”

The President tweeted Sunday that the holiday is “unnecessarily disparaging” and he added, “It’s been called a ‘national holiday’ for many years, so what is Juneteenth?

I call it ‘unmeritocracy.'”

Trump also criticized the way Juneteenth was being celebrated, saying, “A big part of the celebration is that it’s being celebrated with a big part.

There is a lot of dishonesty involved in celebrating Juneteenth with a small portion.”

Trump has said Juneteenth should be “dismantled” and that it was being “demonized” in recent years.

Juneteenth is celebrated by millions of Americans every year, but it was not traditionally celebrated in this way until the 1930s.

It was also a time of great economic hardship for many people, as businesses closed and unemployment was rampant.

President Trump tweeted Sunday, “People are celebrating today for a very different reason than they were celebrating back in 1930s, and the reason is a very sad one.

It’s a celebration of what is ‘meritocratic.’

That’s a term that is used to describe the people who got what they deserved.

This celebration is not a celebration, it’s a denial of what should be.”

The President did not mention the Juneteenth National Day Parade, a parade organized by the National Association of Mayors, or the holiday itself, but he did mention that “some in the political class are trying to make it into something that it is not.”

“People are trying so hard to make the celebration of Juneteenth into something else.

They’re trying to put Juneteenth under the microscope and to make Juneteenth the national holiday,” Trump wrote.

“If you want to celebrate it in a proper way, you have to have respect for the people and for the traditions of the past.”

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