Visa Free Country|Visa free countries for Bangladesh 2020|

March 02 , 2020

Visa Free Country|Visa free countries for Bangladesh 2020|

Visa is an official permission document that grants to legally enter a foreign country. In the world, all countries have specific restrictions, Culture & Various types of other staff. So when you want to visit a foreign country you have to face that country embassy A visa is a temporary authorization for a passport holder to travel to a country other than the one he or she holds a passport of. Passports and visas are usually necessary for travel documents. As an example: if you want to visit India then you must have approval stamped on your passport Some Indian embassy granted official documents or you will be the illegal visitor for their country & they have rights to punish you. Every Visa has some documentation attached liked: Foreigner's stay limits duration, Foreign countries restricted areas, etc. You have to show the reason for the foreign country's embassy why you will go to those countries and you should request them to give you permission to enter that country. If they accept your request & then you can go to a foreign country. If you think these processes would be complex for you then you can consult with a travel agency. Trip Holidays One of the best travel agency in Dhaka Bangladesh.

Types of Visa

Every country has own rules & regulation, So Before going foreign country you have to show the actual reasons why you go to that country. Here Given some types of Visa.

Short-stay Visa: Private visa, Tourist visa, Visa for medical reasons, Business visa, Working holiday visa, etc

Long-stay visas: Student visa, Temporary worker visa, Journalist visa, Residence visa, Asylum visa, etc

Immigrant visas: Marriage visa, Spouse visa or partner visa, Family member visa, etc.

What Is Visa-Free Travel For Bangladeshi Passport

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Visa-free travel means you get the ability to travel to a foreign country without an advance visa. You will need a valid passport required for entry and exit foreign country without having to complete lengthy visa procedures.IF two countries Government signed an agreement for free visa purposes that the effect only two countries people can visit their entire countries without visa.

This year 2020 Bangladeshi passport holders can visit almost 25 countries as free visa. Here Given the list : 


Country Name Stay Duration
Bhutan N/A
Indonesia  30 Days
Svalbard N/A
Micronesia 30 Days
Vanuatu 30 Days
Western Sahara N/A
Fiji 4 months
Gambia 90 Days
Niue N/A
Cook Islands N/A
Bermuda N/A
Bahamas 4 Weeks
Trinidad and Tobago(TT)
Turks and Caicos Islands(TC)
Saint Kitts and Nevis(KN)
1 month
6 months
6 months
3 months
3 months
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands N/A
Lesotho 90 Days


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