World's Most Romantic Destinations | Top Romantic Places In Europe

January 25 , 2020

World's Most Romantic Destinations | Top Romantic Places In Europe

Most Romanatic Destinations

When everyone thinks of a romantic vacation or honeymoon, at first the names come in their mind are Switzerland and Paris. But in modern days, people like to think differently and visit other countries to enjoy new things. Nowadays people feel less interest in conventional matters. Those who love to travel are more likely to do adventures in these days. This post will help the adventure loving people to find out their unique and memorable romantic destination.

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Spain is one of Europe's most celebrated countries with a combination of medieval and modern architecture.

You need to visit both Madrid and Barcelona to experience the festivity of Spain. Couples should visit the Grand Via District before visiting the art museum in Madrid. Where you can find reputable brand shops like Shanelle and Dior. The area is also famous for its tastes in various parts of the world. The Plaza de Toros de las Ventas, built in the Morris Revival architectural style, is the third largest bull-fighting ground in the world. Traveling here can help you understand why bullfighting is so important in Spanish culture. You can also visit El Reteiro Park. Where there are more than 15000 trees of various species and all the world-famous statues like the Galapagos Fountain, Fallen Angel. Many surprises are looking forward for you and the people you love in the historic Barcelona city. One of them is greatness of the Baroque architecture of the Basilica del Pilar, built in the seventeenth century. You can enjoy a spectacular aerial view of the entire western city of Barcelona from the Montserrat Monastery which is built in a combination of Gothic and Catalan architectural styles. The famous Black Madonna painting is also kept here.



Croatia is a beautiful sunny country in Europe. Dubrovnik, Croatia's most beautiful city, combines the beauty of the old world and all the beaches of the Adriatic Sea.

As the baroque architectural structures are scattered throughout the city the entire Dubrovnik city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will have to visit Luza Square to see the 500 years-old St. Blaise Church with magnificent marble-built altar. You can also visit the sponge church to see Gothic and Renaissance architectural styles. The food you must eat from the Dubrovnik city food list is Black Risotto. Oyster of Adriatic Sea with white wine made from grapes grown on the island of Corchula is the traditional food here.If you both like thrill, you can definitely go to Banzi Beach to enjoy paragliding and banana riding.

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Greece, the birthplace of Western civilization, may be an excellent place for romantic travel.

Like the fifth-century architecture in Athens, Greece, it has all the breathtaking modern architecture. To post on Instagram you can take all the wonderful pictures with the people you love by going to the Panathenaic Stadium where first Olympic Games were held in the nineteenth century. One can also visit the huge temple of Olympian Zeus, right in the center of Athens. There are some nice places for romantic tours in Greek islands. You can see beautiful views of the artist's hand-painted picture on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. You can visit the beautiful romantic sunset on the island of Santorini.

East Europe

There are some wonderful places for a romantic trip to any lover couple in Eastern Europe.

Take the loving one to Bratislava, Slovakia. Here you can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Carpathian Mountains and the Danube River. Built in the ninth century, the Bratislava fort is one of the most important sights of the city. Visit the Little Carpathian Wine Region to see the beautiful vineyards. Another very nice city in Bratislava is Budapest, Hungary. Budapest's extraordinary beautiful natural beauty and architecture will surely impress you. You can wander the city with a boat on the Danube river to fill your mind with softness. The city of Budapest at night is world-renowned. Budapest's popular nightclubs will allow you with your loved one to spend the night and dance till the morning.


Scandinavia is formed of Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. Perhaps the most enjoyable choice for a romantic trip to Europe trip is Scandinavia.

Copenhagen's two-century-old Tivoli Amusement Park will catch anyone's mind those who are young inside of their mind. There is more to see in this capital city of Denmark. Here you two can wander the European canals of transparent water, and enjoy European restaurant food while enjoying jazz music. Traveling from Harshatal's of Denmark to Kristiansand in Norway, will be an experience to remember forever. This three-hour ferry trip will allow you to enjoy an incredible view of the North Sea.


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